Our Diesel Truck Repair Services in Edmonton

When you or one of your drivers experiences an accident on the road, you require more than a generic mechanic. You need a mechanic's shop that understands how diesel vehicles function, and you need a shop that can work on various makes and models.


Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd. offers that kind of focused service. Our technicians use OEM parts for your diesel truck repair in Edmonton. We also perform commercial vehicle inspections if you need to keep a fleet in prime condition. Visit or contact us today for any diesel vehicle service.

Trucks getting commercial vehicle inspections in Edmonton

Our Diesel Repair Services in Edmonton

We offer a range of services from engine rebuilds to safety inspections. Let our skilled mechanics help you with the following:


Preventative maintenance

Inspections, including safety, MVI, and out-of-province

Transmission and differential repairs and overhauls

Air conditioning repairs

Engine rebuilding (including a stock of rebuild engines)

Hydraulic system repairs


Parts replacement

light site repairs
Drive in hoist, engine dyno and truck dyno

Benefit From In-House Dynos

We have our own engine dyno and chassis dyno. These machines allow our staff to give you a dependable analysis of your vehicle's fuel economy, performance, torque, and/or horsepower. If you're unsure if your diesel vehicle can handle a particular project, these analyses will give you the answers you seek. We'll provide you with a printed summary of the dynos' findings.


After you know your vehicle's capabilities, you can improve or augment them as needed before your next project. We can even help you complete these necessary improvements and other diesel truck repairs at our Edmonton shop.


Having your truck assessed at Diesel Tech Truck Repair will ensure that you get a clear picture of the current state of your vehicle. Unlike other shops, we go beyond just reading the diagnostic report. We carefully examine your truck and relate it to the Dyno analysis so that you get a complete assessment. All recommendations will be based in this manner. We strive for excellent customer service and we want you to be an informed participant in deciding what's best for your truck. Our purpose is to optimize your truck, your way.


At the end of the day you will feel confident that you chose Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd. as your first stop for your diesel repair in Edmonton.

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Our goal is a high level of customer service and care. Whether you require an inspection or a diesel transmission repair, Diesel Tech can assist you. Come see us in the West Edmonton area or call us at 1 (888) 235-0244 or (780) 455-9876 to book your appointment.

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